Red Faction Wiki
Civilian Panel Van
Faction Colonists
Red Faction
Purpose Transport
Location Tharsis, Mars
Weapons Either:
  • Nothing
  • 2x Heavy Machine Guns
Seats 4

The Civilian Panel Van is a versatile off-road vehicle commonly used by miners and colonists across the Tharsis region of Mars around the time of the Second Martian Uprising.


It is for a wide variety roles; such as an ambulance within the sectors of Oasis and Eos and is also adapted by the Red Faction to have two mounted heavy machine guns at the front. It even has a twin, the Civilian Pick-up, which is based on the same vehicle but instead has an open tray at the back and has only two interior seats instead of 4.

During the Battle of Parker, the Red Faction further modified a standard mining variant with vastly improved armor for their strike against the sensor field.