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Carmen Avila
Carmen RFG.JPG
Weapon Assault Rifle
Died 2125, Badlands,Tharsis,Mars
Affiliation Earth Defense Force(Formely)
Red Faction

Carmen Avila is a member of the Red Faction during the Second Martian Revolution and one of it's top operatives alongside Jon Kepler and Alec Mason. She is originally a defector from the Earth Defence Force, working for them in the capacity of a psychologist before her family are killed and she is left scarred.

She joins with the Red Faction during a raid involving Hugo Davies and Samanya.

Carmen joins Jon Kepler and Alec Mason in the attempt to kidnap the EDF officer charged with the oversight of the Free Fire Zone between the Eos Sector and the rest of Tharsis. The bid to extract information on bypassing the obstacle is personal to her because Colonel Joseph Broga is the man who killed her family and gave her her scars.

Carmen is killed along with Kepler and Davies during the Raid on the Badlands Safehouse, the darkest hour of the Red Faction and the event which caused General Bertram Roth to declare his premature 'total victory'.