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CSR-60 Sniper Rifle
Faction Commonwealth
Red Faction
Nanotech Enhanced Forces
Type Rifle
Power Very High
Range Long to Very Long
Rate of Fire Very Slow
Special Scope
Clip/Ammo 7.62mm armor-piercing rounds

The CSR-60 Sniper Rifle is the sniper rifle for those in service of Commonwealth during the civil war.


Capable of bolt-action fire only, this rifle comes standard with a UNVS-8 scope that provides the user with pinpoint accuracy on the battlefield. It also features a wind velocity offset that automatically corrects for any wind conditions pressent. This weapon can inflict immediate fatal wounds if a head shot is achieved, and is capable of penetrating both body-armor and lightly-armored vehicles.


The CSR-60 Sniper Rifle is first seen during “Foreign Lands” used by one of the guards in the towers but is unobtainable, it is seen used by Red Faction fighters and Police forces during “Shrikes Wild Ride” as well as some of Sopot’s military forces during “Sopot’s Citadel”

The sniper rifle is obtained during the second level of “Hanging In The Hood” and other levels if the player missed the opportunity.

The player can obtain the sniper rifle early on in Sopot’s Citadel through two methods, during the first level after you exit the barracks and reach the ATV’s there will be a building with open windows which will have Military grunts using sniper rifles, the key is to get one of the grunts as close to the windows as possible near the stacked tires, once they are close enough eliminate them quickly, jump onto the tires and jump near the window and you should be able to pick it up, the second method is through the second level where there will be a grunt in the control tower, the canopy like objects along the top of the tower can be knocked off via the grenade launcher, get the grunt near the edge of the tower, knock off the sides and eliminate them and if done right, the sniper will be picked up and added to your inventory.


  • The concept art shows that the rifle originally named as the "KGE-01 Sniper Rifle" but it was changed during development. The concept art also shows that the rifle had a different scope and wooden furniture.