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CSP-19 Semi-Automatic Pistol
Faction Commonwealth
Red Faction
Type Handgun
Power Low
Range Short - Medium
Rate of Fire Semi-auto
Special Dual wield
Clip/Ammo 9mm rounds

The CSP-19 Semi-Automatic Pistol is the sidearm weapon used by Red Faction during the Commonwealth Civil War. It is the standard personal weapon to all the Red Faction resistance in Red Faction II.


The CSP-19 Semi-Auto Sidearm doesn't prove to be very useful throughout the game. Since you start out with better weaponry with this, and will never lose said better weaponry, the only time you'll need to use it is when you run out of ammo with every other weapon (something that'll most likely never happen). Still, for a pistol, the CSP Pistol isn't too bad. It can fire much more quickly than pistols in most other games.

The primary fire is a single shot. This is the only firing method for the gun. It fires quickly for a pistol, but more slower any other weapon in the game. It's of lesser power than other weapons in the game. Against armored enemies, it won't do much damage. You'll need to keep pressing the fire button and have consistently precise aim if you want to get enough shots in to defeat an enemy.

The secondary fire is the pistol whip, the only non-firing way of attacking. If you run out of all ammo in every gun, this is your only option, but that situation will most likely never present itself. Since you have to get close to enemies to use it, it should be apparent that this is not the preferable choice of attack. The weapon is wielded by Freddy Fodders, Major Maias, and Slammer Sammies. The weapon can also be dual wield.


  • The concept art shows that the pistol originally named as the "KGE-7 12mm Pistol" but the name was changed during development. It also shows that the pistol featured a flash hider and a laser sight as well. However these features were removed.