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NCMG-44 EMG Nano Pistol
Faction Red Faction
Type Automatic
Power Medium
Range Short to Medium
Rate of Fire High
Special None
Clip/Ammo 64

The CSMG-19 Silenced Machine Gun is the Submachine Gun covered with Silencer that speciality for stealth during Individual Red Faction resistance infiltrating enemy bases.


The fully automatic silenced machine gun is a good weapon to equip if the player prefer not to be heard. Silent and swift, this weapon is more accurate than the Machine Pistols, but not quite as powerful. The accuracy on the SMG makes it very useful during Underground against Security drones and Spider bombs, because of its high rate fire and 64 round magazine equivalent to using two machine pistols, the player can chew through light rounds quickly so accuracy and short bursts are recommended when using the weapon.

It can penetrate most body-armor and is most effective at close ranges. This weapon is a favorite of tactical covert specialists, including Tangier.


The SMG is obtained during “Public Information Building” used by some security forces but primarily Sopot’s elite guard