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CMP-32 Machine Pistol
Faction Commonwealth
Red Faction
Type Submachine Gun
Power Medium
Range Short to Medium
Rate of Fire Auto
Special Dual wield
Clip/Ammo 32

The CMP-32 Machine Pistol is the submachine gun used by both Red Faction and Commonwealth specialists during in Commonwealth Civil War. Like the Pistol, it is also standard personal weapon to all the Red Faction resistance in Red Faction II.


The Machine Pistol is the equivalent of the Micro Uzi. The CMP-32 Machine Pistol is small, it's held in one hand, and it has automatic firing capabilities. It's basically one step up from the CSP Pistol, sporting the same damage per bullet with automatic fire.

The CMP Machine Pistol has no alternate fire, only the primary automatic fire. Like the CSP-19 Semi-Automatic Pistol, it can also be dual-wielded.

Tangier can be seen with this weapon point at Molov when he declares himself the Chancellor of the Commonwealth after killing red faction resistance.