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CAS-14 Automatic Combat Shotgun
Faction Red Faction
Type Pump-action
Power High
Range Short
Rate of Fire High
Special Incendiary round
Clip/Ammo 8

The CAS-14 Automatic Combat Shotgun is used by Red Faction during Commonwealth Civil War, during the uprising against the Commonwealth and later Molov-led Nanotech Enhanced Forces.


This military-grade shotgun is capable of delivering extremely powerful automatic blasts and inflicts the most damage at close range. Its accuracy and effectiveness decrease significantly when the range to the target is increased, rendering it almost useless when firing at targets more than fifty meters away.

The CAS-14 is also capable of discharging incendiary shells as a form of alternate fire, making it a very effective antipersonnel weapon. However, the incendiary shells cannot ignite heavily armoured enemies (such as the Sopot Elite Guard), making them only about as effective as the standard buckshot against those targets. In addition, these special shells have to cycled via pump action, limiting the rate of fire of the weapon by a considerable degree.


  • The weapon is probably based on a real-life counterpart: Mossberg 500.
  • The Shotgun's ammo box is re-used from Red Faction.
  • Normally the player would acquire the shotgun in the Underground chapter from one of the police officers. However, it is possible to get the weapon much earlier, in the first level of the Public Information Building. All the player has to do is to get close to one of the security guards, who is equipped with a grenade launcher - then, the guard will automaticaly switch his Grenade Launcher to the Shotgun.
  • Early concept art of the Combat Shotgun was named "SG-05 Combat Shotgun". It also had a wooden pump and handle, a different body, and a rifle-like barrel. The Combat Shotgun used by Molov in a cutscene retained its concept art appearance.