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CAR-72 Military Assault Rifle
Faction Red Faction
Type Semi-automatic
Power Medium
Range Short to Medium
Rate of Fire High
Special Short-Burst Fire
Clip/Ammo 48

The CAR-72 Military Assault Rifle is an issued rifle used by both Red Faction and Commonwealth during the civil war.


This semi-automatic is designed to offer all the benefits of a full-sized rifle in compact form. It is capable of firing a three round burst or a less accurate fully automatic onslaught.

The high-velocity, armor-piercing shells inflict massive amounts of damage on unarmored targets and will exact noticeable damage on armored opponents as well. The assault rifle is a standard-issue weapon for the Commonwealth troopers and grunts, but were also used by Red Faction in the later stages of the civil war picking up from the dead soldiers against Molov-led Nanotech Enhanced Forces.


In the campaign, the Assault Rifle is first seen and obtained during the first chapter Foreign Lands, it is not in the player's weapon selection after the completion of the chapter, even if one collected the Assault Rifle. It is later seen again and can be acquired during the fourth chapter, Underground during the level “The Bridge” and is a commonly seen and used weapon throughout the campaign afterwards.


  • The CAR-72 is probably based on the real life rifle, AK-47 and even the design is drew inspired from it.
  • One of the concept art shows that the CAR-72 was originally named as the "KGE-49 Assault Rifle" however it was changed during development. The concept art also shows that the rifle featured a scope and wooden furniture. In some early gameplay screenshots, The Assault Rifle has some similarites to it's concept art, but lacks the scope from the concept art.
  • Alias has a assault rifle in the second mission, however it has wooden furniture, which matches the concept art version of it, however he doesn't start out with it. He only has the NGL-8 Nanotech Grenade Launcher and the CSP-19 Semi-Automatic Pistol that he has available to use. It is possible that Alias was to start out with the Assault Rifle much earlier in the game or this is simply an error.