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Bradbury Canyon was a canyon located on the surface of Mars which, as of 2150, was located in the middle of the disputed territory between Marauder and Red Faction states.

In 2067, the Ultor Corporation had created a facility in one of the canyon's sides. Inside, Ultor scientist Axel Capek discovered an alien species which he heavily researched, but eventually sealed off in the underground caverns of Mars so that they would not pose a threat to humanity. The Marauders later inhabited the ruins of the facility.

It was also near here that the tail section of the destroyed EDS Hydra was predicted to make planetfall in 2150. The Severus-Class Dreadnaught had been sent to the planet by the Earth Defence Force towards the end of the previous war. It would be contested by the Marauders, the Red Faction and the White Faction, thought the presence and existence of the latter was not known.

In 2175, Darius Mason was employed by Adam Hale and the Cultists, acting as researchers, to destroy the seal keeping the aliens in the caverns. Not knowing what lay underneath, Darius destroyed the seal and unleashed the Plague Armageddon.