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Behemoth in the loading screen.

Behemoth is the largest mobile Plague non-boss monsters, and also the most aggressive. Aside from shooting acid they will often charge, using their huge bulk to smash through walls, causing great destruction.


The behemoth has three forms of attack: the first is a medium to long ranged acid splash attack that leaves a vapour, that causes constant damage but is largely ineffective on vehicles, its can be sent back at the behemoth using shell. Its second attack is to bash the player with a melee attack that can send the player flying. The last attack it possesses is a charge attack that has it charging at you then stomping you to death.


Behemoths greatly resemble fiery berserkers, except that they are significantly larger (they are able to swallow humans whole), they lack horns and they have two claw like appendages on their back, which they use as their primary form of attack. They are encountered at numerous times over the course of the game. They usually fight on their own, but they sometimes will fight in pairs.