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Battle of Oasis Residential
Sides Factions:
Leaders Red Faction:


Location Oasis, Tharsis, Mars
Outcome Red Faction Victory. EDF Forces Defeated, though withdrawal successfully covered

The Battle of Oasis Residential is part of the Earth Defense Force withdrawal from the Oasis Sector, following the long Battle for Oasis against the Red Faction insurgents. Both factions go head to head in open street fighting as EDF tanks roll into the main residential area of the sector supported by light vehicles and infantry.

The aim of action, on the part of the General Bertram Roth who initiated it, is to distract and occupy Red Faction forces in Oasis and allow not only the safe exit of EDF convoys, but also to allow the destruction of key assets.

By the time the first EDF Main Battle Tank rolled in from the south, groups of both guerrillas and EDF troops are already spread out across the town in intense but small engagements. The Red Faction commander, Hugo Davies, sent his chief demolitions expert, and poster-boy of the revolution, Alec Mason to lead the fighting.