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Battle of Oasis

EDF troops guarding the Oasis Town Hall whilst civilians are detained within

Sides Red Faction
Earth Defence Force
Leaders Red Faction:

Earth Defense Force:

Location Oasis Residential, Oasis Sector
Forces Red Faction:
  • Guerrillas

Earth Defence Force:

  • Soldiers
Outcome Red Faction Victory. Large destruction. Oasis Liberated

"The EDF is focusing its counter-insurgency efforts in the Oasis district to protect its industrial facilities from further attack".
- Voice of Mars

The Battle of Oasis is an extended engagement involving the Red Faction insurgency and Earth Defense Force, over control of the Oasis Sector during the Second Martian Revolution. In a number of key engagements the Red Faction force the EDF out of the sector.


The Battle for the Oasis Sector begins shortly after the Battle of Dust ended and takes place at approximately the same time as the Battle of the Badlands. The Red Faction established a base, the Oasis Safehouse, in the hills of the sector and commence their operations against the EDF in the sector.

One deciding point in the Battle of Oasis is the unsuccessful EDF raid against the Oasis Safehouse, which is defeated by stiff guerrilla resistance.

Marauder Involvement in the Oasis Sector[]

The Marauders attempte multiple attacks on the EDF Checkpoint just south of western Oasis' border with the Badlands, even getting so far as to gate-crash the Raid on the Oasis EDF Barracks launched by the Red Faction.

The Marauders evidently have plans in western Oasis, their aim most likely being either to shut down the ARK Reactor or to push up and target the Oasis Industrial.

Earth Defence Force Pullout[]

The EDF cover their withdrawal from the sector with a tank squadron with orders to destroy all key industrial facilities left in the sector, as well as the Oasis Residential. The Battle of Oasis Residential is one of the key flash points in the conflict over Oasis, and the final blow against the EDF who are already pulling out.