Red Faction Wiki
Battle of Mariner Valley (Unknown-before 2125)
Sides Marauders - Earth Defense Force
Leaders Marauders

Earth Defense Force

Location Mariner Valley
Forces Vasha's Marauders
EDF 35th Recon/Mobile Infantry division
Outcome Marauder and EDF forces abandon the Valley
Samanya leaves the Marauders
Red Faction resurrected

The Battle of Mariner Valley took place between the Marauders and the Earth Defense Force around eight years before the Second Martian Revolution truly kicked off.


The conflict had been going on for some time, long before the leader of the Marauders, Vasha, was captured by the EDF but their intention to publically execute her sparked a major change in the conflict.

Vasha's sister, Samanya, attempted to rescue her, springing an EDF trap. The trap was unsuccessful, however, the Marauders retaliated - killing the EDF commander of Mariner Valley, Captain Saul Marius, this followed by an all out assault on the EDF HQ which held command over all the forces in the Valley. 

Samanya left the Marauders after the assault in the HQ and joined two ex-prisoners called Hugo Davies and Daniel Mason, after rescuing them from the EDF Internment Camp, the three were able to resurrect the Red Faction and begin an insurgency against the EDF with operations commencing in 2118.

The end result of the conflict is not known, but by the time Alec Mason had arrived on Mars the Marauders were not living in Mariner Valley but beyond the Irradiated Zone which suggests that perhaps things didn't go so well for them, however since the EDF having also abandoned the area. suggests that both sides of the battle sustained too heavy casualties to continue any operations in the Valley.