Red Faction Wiki
Battle of Eos
Sides Earth Defence Force

Red Faction

Leaders Earth Defence Force:
General Bertram Roth

Red Faction:
Commander Hugo Davies

Location Eos, Tharsis, Mars
Outcome Red Faction Victory

The Battle of Eos is an extended campaign between the Earth Defence Force and the Red Faction over control of the Eos Sector, the 'crown jewel' of the EDF as the plaque by the Eos Memorial Bridge proclaims. The Battle for Eos lasts between the Red Faction's entry into the sector, pushing through the Free Fire Zone in Parker, to the destruction of the EDF Central Command in northern part of Eos.


The Fall of the Free Fire Zone protecting 'Fortress Eos' is a military disaster for the Earth Defence Council, and allowed the Red Faction insurgency into their last bastion of security. The Eos Sector was the centre of EDF power and control on Mars. The breaching of the Free Fire Zone meant that there is no place they, or their supporters, are safe.

Initially it is a straight guerrilla campaign of much the same ilk as most of the fighting in the Second Martian Revolution up to this point. Insurgent forces targeted personnel, infrastructure and sympathisers of the EDF, undermining their control.

This is the EDF's powerbase, however, and they refuse to let go without a fight - resorting to such drastic measures as the Lockdown of Eos in an attempt to root out the Red Faction and its support network.

The Lockdown of Eos

Let up does, eventually, come when during the battle's course the Red Faction is crippled by an unexpected attack on the far side of Tharsis, a disaster for the rebels and a triumph for General Bertram Roth. It might well have been a turning point in the conflict, particularly with the imminent arrival of the Severus-Class Dreadnaught, the Hydra, in orbit which would have not only bought with it crack reinforcements of the Omega Legion, but also its own unrivalled and deadly weapons systems. The Red Faction rebels will not be able to regroup and reorganise in time and, neither they nor the Marauders, will not have been able withstand such an onslaught.

Roth's claims of 'total victory' proved premature, however, the situation having the unpredicted adverse effect of uniting both the Marauder state and the Red Faction. The alliance will prove historic, and is a deciding factor in the defeat of the EDF both in Eos and the war.

Additionally, Alec Mason and Samanya will raid the Voice of Mars offices, sending out a rallying broadcast to the supporters within the population.

The combined forces of the enemies united by desperation launch the Raid on the EDF Central Command, effectively ending all EDF control in the sector. The EDF General in control of the Mars theatre, Roth, is absent from his war rooms, but he will later make his stand in the Battle of Mount Vogel.