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Battle of Dust (2175)

Darius engaging the plague at the surface of the ruining dust sector

Sides Red Faction
The Plague
Leaders The Plague:
Location Mars, Dust
Outcome Red Faction Victory
  • Plague Aliens repelled.
  • Darius release discharged.

Battle of Dust (2175), It is another engagement event of Plague Armageddon, when the Plague swarming with to destroying everything that in their path. As the Red Faction have to clear them off as they heading back to their new main stronghold. In the end, they succeed and clearing up the aliens after Darius go's out and destroy the main source of spawning the incumbent and come back to manning the L.E.O. Exosuit and make final assault repelled before they can make it back to their new bases setting in the cave.

Prelude[edit | edit source]

Aftermath of the Bastion is under attack the following survivor are the only Red Faction as they escaping to the Surface to preventing more casualties slaughtering by the plague. Only Darius and Kara survive. However, the Red Faction arrest him immediately, that he is the one that caused the entire outbreak as he wants to explain that Adam Hale set him up to open the seal of the plague. Before can explaining much further, he is taken into to the APC and leaves Kara behind. However, Frank believes him that he is not the one that behind all this as being set up by the Cultists. When, they are on the road, they are suddenly attacked by the the plague.

Aftermath[edit | edit source]

After they have successfully repelled the Alien onslaught, Darius has heard enough of Colonel Paul suspecting him, of having caused the whole event. He punched Paul directly in the face, knocking him out and heads back to the new Red Faction base. Inside of their base, They have discovered that the Cultist group is still functioning as they have been setting relay stations to begin their assault against the Red Faction. Darius volunteers to go in and destroy under the cover of the surface storm. Thus, the Destruction of Cultists Relay Station begun.

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