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Battle of Dust

EDF 'Drones' responding to an alert.

Sides Earth Defense Force
Red Faction
Leaders Earth Defense Force

General Bertram Roth
Captain Halvar Gunnarsen
Red Faction
Commander Hugo Davies

Location Dust, Tharsis, Mars
Battles Shelling of Dust
Outcome Red Faction Victory, EDF ousted from Sector

The Battle of Dust is an extended conflict within the Tharsis sector of Dust, primarily between the members of the Earth Defence Force deployed on Mars and the forces of the Red Faction, during the Second Martian Revolution. The Marauders play a small role in this conflict with random engagements to both Red Faction and EDF forces across the sector. 

When it becomes clear that the EDF will have to withdraw, they begin heavy shelling of the Dust settlement to allow their withdrawal to go unhindered, causing extensive damage to property and loss of life.