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Battle of Capek Labs
Sides Marauders
Earth Defence Force
Red Faction
Leaders Marauders

Red Faction


Location The Badlands, Tharsis, Oasis
Outcome The Red Faction successfully aquire the Nano Forge. Subsequent clashes between the EDF and the Marauders, with no decisive outcome

The Battle of Capek Labs is a military engagement in the Second Martian Revolution primarily involving the Earth Defence Force and Marauders, though a small contingent of Red Faction also are onsite. The action takes place in and around the old Ultor Corporation science facility which had once been the laboratories of Axel Capek and has since been re-occupied by the Marauders, the descendants of the Ultor scientists who had once worked there. The catalyst for the battle is the Nano Forge, a piece of advanced nanotechnology that the Marauders had hoarded and now returned to its home.

The Red Faction sent one of their best fighters, Alec Mason, to trail a Marauder Raider into the Badlands. He successfully follows the vehicle and bypasses their hologram defence. Upon entering the facility and retrieving the device, the Earth Defence Force somehow get wind and show up. The Marauders also materialise and in the pitch and bloody battle that follows, Alec manages to escape with the Forge and met up with a larger group of insurgents lead by Samanya towards the edge of the fighting. The EDF desperately sought the device, realising its power and potential, and fear its presence in the hands of the Red Faction.