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Battle of Bakhuysen Trench (2150 CE)
Sides Red Faction
White Faction
Location Mars
Outcome Decisive Red Faction and Marauder Victory

The Battle of Bakhuysen Trench was an engagement in 2150 during the White Faction Crisis, when the remnant of the EDF that bid for power, that responsibility for murdered Samanya, which caused both Red Faction-led Martian and Marauder States to break the truce that last to this day.


Over the past 25 years since the Second Martian Revolution they had succeeded in secretly constructing a Severus-Class Dreadnaught, sister-ship to the Hydra, and now deployed it against both Red Faction and Marauder states, remaining hidden from the satellites of both in the Bakhuysen Trench.

However, their plan was completely foiled after Alec Mason sacrifice himself by used the shuttle and ram into the ship caused huge explosive and destroyed all the White Faction members inside, ending the crisis leaving up both Red Faction and Marauders truce to be restored once more.