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Axel Capek
Capek rf1.JPG
Died 2075
Tharsis, Mars
Affiliation Ultor Corporation
Appears in Red Faction
Red Faction II (mentioned)
Red Faction: Guerrilla (voice)
Red Faction: Armageddon (cameo)
Voiced by Brad Armacost

Axel Capek (unknown - 2075) is the secondary antagonist of Red Faction and the head scientist of the Ultor Corporation prior to its fall in the First Martian Revolution.


Capek work is broad-ranging, ingenious and singularly immoral. He experiments on animals and humans, created mutants, releases a plague upon the miner population which cripples, disfigures and kills countless innocents, and accomplishes it all through his genius and unparalleled pioneering of nano-technology which, despite his death, would continue to alter the future of Mars centuries later.[1]

Many of his breakthroughs, however, came from the MASTers expedition in 2067 down an ancient shaft whereupon he found a hibernating alien species known as The Plague. After being studied, the aliens awake, slaughtering the scientists.[2]

With the defeat of Ultor in 2075 AD, many of the scientists who work for Capek flee the victorious Earth Defence Force and Red Faction. Hiding inside the ruble of ruins and become the Marauders, safeguarding what remains of his research - including the Nano Forge and the Accelerator at Mount Vogel. Most of the mutants and abominations spawned by his research were inevitably destroyed.[3]

Characteristics and personality[]

Axel Capek cares little about how many people suffer or die to bring about his breakthroughs, because his only guiding star was the advancement of science.[1]

Colonel Masako also describes him as an egomaniac.[1]

Upon seeing Capek's holographic head in the Marauder temple in Bradbury Canyon, Darius Mason described Capek as "Creepy looking bastard."


Capek appears extremely short and much of his body is replaced with cybernetics (notably his arm and his eye and the wire connected to his eye as a small piece of technology connected to his upper back). He also holds a cane as his main weapon which can be seen in the game when meeting him.


  • In Red Faction: Guerrilla, there is a voice recording of Capek talking to Parker that can be heard in the mission Ultor Echo.
  • Old Parker in Red Faction: Guerrilla mentions Capek several times.
  • In Ultor Echo, the first room you enter upon discovering the old Ultor mining complex is the room where Capek was killed by Parker.
  • Also in Armageddon, there is a hologram of him in an old Marauder temple also containing the Seal, which was not of human manufacture.
    • Out of all the characters in the series, Capek is the only one to be referenced in all four Red Faction games.

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