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Assault Rifle
Faction Red Faction
Type Battle Rifle
Location Mars

The Assault Rifle is a weapon created by the Red Faction and used for their personnel military purpose to guard safe from any threat. It is the standard weapon of Red Faction: Armageddon.


The Assault Rifle are standard issues for all the Red Faction personnel during the engagement threat for peace time. It originally based on the blueprints of the EDF Assault Rifle, though its stocky, tri-barreled design bares little resemblance after much tinkering over the years.

It fires high velocity rounds out of a 36-shot-magazine. When upgraded with extended magazines, it fires 45 Shots. Darius can carry 180 bullets or five magazines in total. It fits a Red-Dot style Sight. It also has a very low recoil which making it a good medium-long range weapon.


  • This seems to be Darius Mason's signature weapon and is present in most cutscenes, except a few where he wields the Magnet Gun instead.
  • When Red Faction: Armageddon is beaten for the first time around, the L.E.O. Machine Gun can be unlocked for 6,000 salvage with the R.F. Assault Rifle skin.