Arc Welder
Faction Red Faction
Type Electricity
Power Low
Range Low
Rate of Fire High (Constant)
Special Stun multiple targets at once
Kill target in vehicles, without damaging it

The Arc Welder is a welding tool, but it was much more useful to the Red Faction when it was modified into a weapon by the genius engineering of Samanya during the Second Martian Revolution. The weapon had three prongs which channel bolts of electricity forward, able to electrocute mutiple hostiles at close range simultaneously. It is also extremely effective against vehicles, electrocuting those inside and leaving the vehicle unmanned with relatively little structural damage. Even if the user doesn't hold the trigger long enough to kill, it will stun enemies long enough to be finished off with another weapon of choice.

The weapon is further refined by the Red Faction during the conflict, with increased capacity, greater number of hostiles that could be targeted and the ability to identify and avoid friendlies.

The Earth Defense Force come to fear the weapon during the insurgency's campaign across Tharsis.

The Red Faction, many years later when they are a more organized military force, built purpose-built Military Arc Welders.


  • Besides killing people, the Arc Welder can also destroy certain structural components as well. Digital view screens, such as on a Voice of Mars kiosk, can be electrocuted and will blow up after a short time. Some "glass" objects, such as a solar panel can also be destroyed.
  • Though nearly impossible to get close enough to an EDF AAX Raven Gunship, it has been determined that the Arc Welder cannot electrocute an aircraft. This comes as no real considerable downside for the weapon, however, as it should always be considered an anti-personnel/anti-armor weapon, not an anti-air weapon.
  • The only known mirror to exist ingame - the large solar tower located in The Badlands - actually reflects electricity from the Arc Welder when shot at from certain angles.
  • In multiplayer, when you can manage to hit 3 or more enemies simultaneously with the Arc Welder, the Bonus XP event "BBQ" will trigger.
  • The weapon makes a minor apperance during the beginning of Red Faction: Armageddon, where Darius Mason picks it up and ask's Kara, "Hey, uh, does this old Arc Welder still work?", and also shocking McMohan.
  • Arc Wielder is the best weapon to commandeer any vehicle intactly, very useful when on Guerrila actions to commandeer Convoy targets and even missions. It is the best weapon to defeat General Roth and you can commandeer his tank on Mars Attack Mission. It is also the best weapon to defeat mobs of enemy units without taking heavy damage.


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