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All Terrain Vehicle
The jeep.jpg
Faction Ultor Corporation
Red Faction
Type Jeep
Purpose Transport
Location Mars
Weapons 76mm Machine Gun

The ATV is the fastest ground vehicle in Red Faction. The ATV provides decent protection against bullets, however, missiles are very effective against it. It has the machine gun mounted on the back, but it can't be used while driving unless another person is operating the vehicle. Two can be found in Red Faction, one in the Martian Canyon and another near the entrance to Capek's Zoo.

In Red Faction II, a decommissioned ATV can be spotted in the Citadel, right next to a burning hangar. 

"The ATV is unique in that it offers you two separate points of entry and control. Entering the ATV near the front of the vehicle allows you to drive throught the enviroment. Entering the ATV towards the rear of the vehicle allows you to control the mounted machine gun (GX240 medium class coaxial/pintle mount). Fairly fast for getting around, the ATV is not as durable as most of the other vehicles available to Parker." - Red Faction handbook description.