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Air Traffic Control
Appearance Red Faction: Guerrilla
Previous Catch And Release
Next Access Denied
Location Badlands
Date 2125

Air Traffic Control is the liberation mission in the Badlands sector, where Alec must infiltrate the EDF airfield base and destroy five gunships, giving the Red Faction an advantage to cross over the Free Fire Zone.


Hugo Davies: A squadron of EDF gunships is stationed at this airfield. Your objective is to destroy them. Sam has provided a supply of altimeter charges. She rigged them to detonate at 10 meters. But how you do that job is up to you. Just get it done. Success here will clear the airspace over the Free Fire Zone and give us a fighting chance against their artillery.


There are five gunships stationed at the Badlands outpost, drive your way to their base. The EDF will set up the alarm to launch their gunships in the air so quickly place the altimeter charges underneath each gunship. Once they're up in the air, they'll explode.

But you can also destroy them properly without facing the EDF by using your rocket launcher from a cliff edge near the base (unless you have the jetpack) so you can do either or, before the gunships are launched in the air. When you're done, get out of there alive and the mission will be complete.


Arriving At The Airfield

  • Mason: Ok, i'm at the base.
  • RF Commander: Avoid the guards if you can. If alarms go off, they'll launch the gunships.
  • Mason: Stealth is not exactly my style.

Stealth Fail

  • Mason: Whoops.
  • RF Commander: You've got explosives -- use them! Destroy those gunships!

All Gunships Destroyed

  • RF Commander: Good work, Mason. You've done you job. Now get the hell out!

Escaped Out Of The Airfield

  • RF Commander: Mason, your efforts here have cleared the airspace over the Free Fire Zone. We're just about to launch an assault on those guns.


  • With all five EDF gunships destroyed, Alec Mason gave the Red Faction a chance to fight against the EDF Artillery Base without having to worry about the gunships above the airspace.