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Aesir Fighter
Faction Ultor Corporation, Mercenary Regiment
Type Attack Gunship
Location Mars

The Aesir Fighter is an agile gunship used by the Ultor Corporation during the First Martian Revolution. It is capable of operating above the surface or in the cave systems below. For use against infantry it carried a forward-mounted ULT-8CG 30mm Minigun, for heavier targets such as other gunships, it carries heat-seeking missiles fitted with ULT-AR4 Steeleye Tandem warheads.

Where encountered[]

There are only two occasions in the game where you can pilot the Aesir Fighter without using the map editor to spawn it.

  • In the cave systems while escorting Gryphon.
  • Near the end of the game in the hanger just after Hendrix is killed and just before going through the hallway towards the final boss fight with Mercenary Leader, ColonelMasako.

Throughout the game the fighter can be encountered being used against the player by Ultor and the Mercenaries, however, they are generally encountered while the player is in a fighter or another vehicle of their own, so they do not pose much of a problem.


The fighter itself has relatively weak armor and can be destroyed by a few rockets and some small arms fire, so when encountered in combat, they do not usually pose a problem to well-equipped players.


The aircraft is replaced by AHC-36 Military Gunship following after the First Martian Revolution.